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Lifestyle advisor Juliana Mamoni weighs in on key

worries and concerns.

German-Ghanaian expat Juliana Mamoni wears many hats. A former

menswear designer (she studied in Milan under a former assistant to

Gianni Versace), she is now a lifestyle consultant offering services

including styling and nutritional advice. Here, she shares her responses

to some of the most commonly asked questions that have come up

in her consultations.

I’m overweight, and battling to find

clothing in my size really knocks my

confidence. What styles would you suggest to

make the most of myself?

I’m really struggling with my wardrobe.

How can I find my own sense of style?

Chantal, 35, housewife and mother of two kids

Lisa, 45, entrepreneur and mother of two teenagers

There are a lot of sleeveless shift and sheath dresses and

other linear fashion cuts on the market that can look

fantastic regardless of size. What matters is that the clothes you are

wearing both feel comfortable and make you feel good. Instead of

focusing on your weight, choose clothing that emphasises the parts

of your body you love, such as your shoulders or arms. I believe that,

as a rule of thumb, you’ll always be well dressed as long as you feel

good in your clothes – remember, what ultimately makes you beautiful

is your soul and your personality, and your actions show the world

who you are and what your potential is.

Usually, we get to know what styles suit us best by the

time we’re in our forties, but that certainly isn’t the case

for everyone. The important thing is not to be led by trends. Instead,

try to make purchasing decisions based on what looks best for your

body shape, face shape, colouring and so on. It’s key to invest in

well-cut, higher quality items, instead of cheaper trend-led or seasonal

pieces, which can quickly fall off the fashion radar. Also, when it

comes to your wardrobe, it’s important to be realistic – don’t feel

pressured to look like a superwoman in 12-centimetre heels if your

lifestyle requires flats!